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Animals & Kids Doll

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Goal: to nurture and care for the well-being of animals and children


Find an animals & kids doll.


some fun facts

  • During World War II, US Army corporal William Wynne adopted a small dog named Smoky in 1943. Smoky's presence boosted morale among soldiers, and she became one of the earliest documented therapy dogs, contributing to the emerging field of animal-assisted therapy.

  • During World War II, many countries established childcare services to support working mothers involved in the war effort. These services often played a crucial role in maintaining the workforce while ensuring children's well-being.

  • Childcare services have roots in ancient civilizations. For instance, in ancient Egypt, there were dedicated nursemaids and caregivers who assisted with child rearing.
  • Playing classical music, especially pieces by composers such as Mozart and Beethoven, is believed to have a calming effect on dogs in animal shelters. This phenomenon, known as the "Mozart effect," has been observed to reduce stress and anxiety in shelter dogs.

  • Honeybees perform a "waggle dance" to communicate the location of food sources to other members of their colony. By dancing in specific patterns and angles, bees convey information about the direction and distance of the food source relative to the position of the sun.
  • The character of Mary Poppins was inspired by a real-life nanny named Mary Shepherd, who worked for author P.L. Travers' family. Travers based her famous books on the whimsical stories Shepherd shared with her during her time as their nanny.
  • In Finland, new parents receive a "baby box" from the government, filled with essential items like clothes, blankets, and even a mattress. This tradition dates back to the 1930s and has contributed to Finland's low infant mortality rate and high child well-being.
  • Kangaroos cannot walk backward due to the unique structure of their hind legs and tail. This adaptation is thought to be advantageous for their forward motion and agility while hopping.
  • Elephants communicate over long distances using infrasound, which is sound at frequencies lower than the human hearing range. Infrasound allows elephants to communicate with distant herd members and detect potential threats.
  • Daycare regulations vary widely by country and region. For instance, in the United States, regulations can differ significantly from state to state, covering aspects such as staff-to-child ratios, safety standards, and educational requirements.



some personality traits

gentle | compassionate | patient | nurturing | playful | empathetic | caring | energetic |

attentive | loving | understanding | adaptable | kind-hearted | responsible |





some motivations 

love for animals | impact on children's lives | compassion | nurturing |

belief in welfare | seeing progress | creating safe environments | fostering bonds |

advocacy | witnessing innocence | stress relief




why do people need animals & kids dolls? 

  • to provide supervision and care for children and animals

  • to offer emotional support and stability

  • to facilitate educational experiences and developmentally appropriate activities

  • to intervene in potentially harmful situations

  • to administer medical care and treatments to animals

  • to advocate for the rights and welfare of both children and animals

  • to serve as mentors and role models

  • to address behavioral issues and challenges

  • to facilitate positive interactions and relationships between children and animals

  • to offer respite and support for families and caregivers



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