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Our career dolls are entrepreneurs who are making a living doing what they love!

We are always looking for more career dolls to join our platform and share your passion for your job - passion is contagious!

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important information

To be a doll on our platform, just make sure that you:

  • are at least 18 years old
  • are passionate about your work
  • have a willingness to share as much about your career as possible
  • have / had a profitable, self-sustaining, and autonomous business or practice
  • have a business that others can start up without much educational and / or financial investment
  • have access to Zoom
  • have a PayPal account

Visit our terms, policies, and guidelines for more information.

  • your name & email
  • what you do for a living (explain a bit about your career and the environment you work in)
  • your website / social media
  • how you got into your career
  • where in the world you are located
  • if you speak any other languages fluently (aside from English)

*Note: if you have / had been involved in more than one business or industry, feel free to describe them all. We can create as many listings for you as needed.

  1. Once approved, we will reach out to you with onboarding information.
  2. After you onboard onto our site, you will be listed in the appropriate category(ies).
  3. Wait for someone to book with you!