Every doll belongs in its matching dollhouse.

Our careers should represent our unique personalities & desired lifestyle.

Not all of us are built for the 9-5 life. Not all of us are motivated by climbing the "status ladder." Not all of us want to live in one location our whole lives. Not all of us want to wait until retirement to enjoy ourselves. Not all of us want a boss. And certainly, not all of us want to work a job that feels unfulfilling.

"I think I want to do feng shui. But what is that even about...?"

We are a platform that aims to give you a taste of various, unique careers and cost-effective access to seasoned entrepreneurs to help you figure out your path. Each entrepreneur - "career doll" - offers virtual career tours: information sessions or career coaching sessions.

We are all dolls, each deserving support in finding our unique dollhouse.

Doll & Dollhouse was created by Valerie Chiang, a doll who struggled to find the perfect dollhouse that fit her free-spirited and unconventional personality. Over the span of a decade, she explored various roles and industries all across the world, sometimes romanticizing the jobs, and nearly always facing disappointment.

No matter where she traveled to, she met many people who shared a common complaint:

"I hate my job! I wish I could do my own thing. But I don't know what else to do. And even if I knew, I probably wouldn't have the skills to do it. Or the money for education."

Good fortune and serendipity carved a path for Valerie to be able to explore autonomous and unusual roles. Many of us have the drive but don't see a way forward.

And with this in mind, Valerie finally found her perfect dollhouse. Doll & Dollhouse was born.

the careers that we feature

allow for autonomous work

We aim to foster entrepreneurial spirit, empowerment through independent work, schedule flexibility, and the potential for nomadic living.

have relatively low barriers to entry

We believe in the opportunity to continually explore new roles at any stage of our lives, without the need for expensive education or large initial investments.

offer the potential for lucrative earnings

Where our hearts take us should also bring forth financial abundance, allowing us to live comfortably and stand on our own two feet.

our beliefs & values

"Love what you do, do what you love."

We should spend as much time in life doing what we love to do. It just may take some time to find what that is exactly.

"Careers are adventures!"

We should have the ability to experience many careers, industries, and roles if we choose. Our careers provide avenues for exploration, and why not explore as much as we can in life?

"The right dollhouse awaits every doll."

We are each unique and complex. Rather than molding ourselves to settle for a job or lifestyle, we can rest assured that there is something out there that fits each of us, down to our core.

"Support should be readily available."

We should have access to those who have succeeded before us and understand the ins and outs of a career before committing to it.

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