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The 10 Desired Consequences of Doll & Dollhouse

           True change begins with bold ideas and the courage to disrupt the status quo.


Imagine a world in which kids say "When I grow up, I want to be a doll-maker / dog-walker / crochet knitter / calligrapher / mermaid" and almost everyone says "Great! So many have done it already before you! We'll make it happen."


1. less emphasis on school / grades / performance / ranking
We loved school! But it’s not for everyone. Why should kids need to stress themselves out, struggle in their learning environments, juggle a million different activities in their early years, worry about college rank & status & grades & try to find an unfulfilling job that has so little to do with their many years of schooling?


2. less job-hunting pressure
The inauthentic interviews. The “needs 15 years experience” for entry level job postings. The mass emailing of our resumes, only to hear crickets. The growing feeling of incompetence. GROSS!

3. more support of our authentic interests & desires
How many times have we heard people around us tell us, “come on, be realistic.” Or “you’re never gonna make money doing that.” The unintended result of these statements is a deep feeling that our authentic selves aren’t worthy.
We’re here to show that you have your dreams & interests for a reason - to showcase themselves in the world!  We’re here to show you that it is possible.

4. more opportunities to travel / live abroad
Traveling isn’t just a time for vacation. Traveling opens our world - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - in ways that can be beyond our current comprehension..

5. more excitement when waking up in the mornings
When we do what we love, we sometimes can’t even sleep in anymore because we’re so excited to get up and get the day going! Imagine feeling that way most days of the week?! Yes, it’s 100% possible. Are you feeling that way in your current role or lifestyle?

6. more empowerment & self-confidence as a "boss"
We can go from waiting for the next promotion to take on more responsibility and a higher salary, to suddenly having no cap on our income while we challenge ourselves to face - and overcome - all that being a founder / boss entails.

7. more accessibility to having new experiences
How do we know, at the tender age of 17, that we want to major in nursing so that we can be a nurse for the rest of our lives... forever and ever...?
1) We spend a huge portion of our lives working.
2) We may value having as many experiences in life as possible.
1) and 2) should be able to co-exist.

8. more creative freedom
We can think of our careers as an art! How would we express ourselves? How would we present our businesses? What messages would we want to instill in our “art”? The decision is all ours.

9. less #ihatemyjob memes & content
A few years ago, our Instagram feed was filled with job / boss / co-worker / company-hating memes and reels. It gave us a sense of solidarity with other people who hated their jobs, but... if we really think about it, it’s sad that so many people live this way.

10. less loneliness
Loneliness is a true epidemic, especially among the younger generations. When we’re doing what we love and feeling empowered, one (maybe surprising) result is that we start forming more authentic relationships. Whether with clients, in our networking endeavors, or with established friends. We can talk about our workdays with fondness, feel more authentic, and find like-minded people much more easily


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