Mobile App Developer - RICHARD JONKERGOUW

Mobile App Developer - RICHARD JONKERGOUW

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a day in the life of a mobile app developer, how to develop apps for a living, how to live a nomadic lifestyle, become an engineer, freelance work, lucrative side hustles

Mobile App Developer - RICHARD JONKERGOUW

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Virtual Career Tour

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DOLL: Mobile App Developer, Richard Jonkergouw

DOLLHOUSE: Online, Remote, Virtual


  • LocationGuadalajara, Mexico
  • Nationality: Netherlands
  • Fluent Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, French

Open to customers worldwide.


Hello, I'm Richard :).

Born in the Netherlands, moved to Mexico as a college student, finished writing my thesis for my master's in business information systems (University of Amsterdam) while living in India for several years. Yes, I have always been that restless! Luckily, "Heart is where the home is", and I find it easier to connect when close to Nature.

After having designed and built several homes, having been a transformational therapist for 6 years for well over 500 people, I wanted something else. Something that would allow me more freedom, more mobility, and together with my long-standing interest in Astrology, Astra Nora was born. I can help you understand the main obstacles of starting, developing and launching an application for iOS and Android. We can look at various technological stacks and even go into the soft skills of being an app developer.

Contact me if you have any questions and I'll make sure to get back to you.


What I most like about being a mobile app developer is the creative potential plus the enormous reach of a mobile app. What I didn't like of my role as a transformational therapist is that I was limited to small groups or 1 on 1 sessions. It's exciting to see an app go into the world and people from all countries around the world engage with the application. I am motivated to provide excellent quality software and I can see there is endless potential to grow.


Virtual Career Tours

Time slots: 30 minutes, 60 minutes

Information SessionI will give you a detailed breakdown of what I do, including job responsibilities, ways to start, required skills, educational pathways, industry insights, experiences, etc. and answer any questions that you have about my career. If applicable, I can show you the physical environment(s) in which I work. For those who want to know more about my career / field / role.

Coaching Session: I will provide foundational support for building your business, including skill development, internal processes setup, software / tools guidance, tips, goal-setting, accountability coaching, etc. Please note that I cannot give legal, tax, financial, or medical advice. For those who want actionable advice and career planning help.



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