Professional & TEDx Speaker - DARA CONNOLLY

Professional & TEDx Speaker - DARA CONNOLLY

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Professional & TEDx Speaker - DARA CONNOLLY

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Virtual Career Tour

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DOLL: Professional & TEDx Speaker, Dara Connolly

DOLLHOUSE: Conferences, Corporations, Private Consulting



  • Location: Pleasanton, CA, United States
  • Nationality: USA
  • Fluent Languages: English

Open to customers worldwide.


Dara Connolly is a woman on a mission! As a TEDx Speaker, award-winning speaker coach, and 4x author, Dara has “dared” thousands to be more impactful and influential when speaking in front of an audience.

As a former shy introvert, Dara felt frustrated when she witnessed how often she and other polite leaders were unacknowledged for not speaking with impact.

In 2004, Dara acted. She started training women leaders out of her garage– it was the start of a Movement.

Her training expanded into nationwide partnerships and awards from international organizations.

She went on to train over 10,000 women to speak with impact alone.

Now Dara’s program has expanded to include men who also want to deliver presentations with impact.

Dara’s training and interactive presentations have made it easy for leaders to master public speaking.

Are you ready to speak with impact? She “dares” ya! ;)


I love coaching clients to overcome their fear of speaking and learn how to speak on sales calls, at meetings, or on stage with impact. Some of my clients even pursue careers as a paid speaker or wish to speak on TEDx and I help coach them along that path.


Virtual Career Tours

Time slots: 30 minutes, 60 minutes

Information SessionI will give you a detailed breakdown of what I do, including job responsibilities, ways to start, required skills, educational pathways, industry insights, experiences, etc. and answer any questions that you have about my career. If applicable, I can show you the physical environment(s) in which I work. For those who want to know more about my career / field / role.

Coaching Session: I will provide foundational support for building your business, including skill development, internal processes setup, software / tools guidance, tips, goal-setting, accountability coaching, etc. Please note that I cannot give legal, tax, financial, or medical advice. For those who want actionable advice and career planning help.



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